This place has a lot of smiles from long ago

What kind of place SONE KYURYO PARK is

Sonekyuryo Park has many facilities such as a museum,
a Work shop center, historic burial mounds,

a garden with greenery and play area
where you can play and learn ancient culture.

Garden map

Fudoki-no-Oka:A Sacred Ground Rich in Natural Beauty

  • 1.Barbecue Area
  • 2.Viewpoint
  • 3.Play Area
  • 4.Tennis Courts
  • 5.Fudoki-no-Oka
    Work shop Center
  • 6.Choshizuka Tumulus
  • 7.Maruyamazuka Tumulus
  • 8.Uenotaira Sites


The viewpoint is in a thicket and it commands a view of Kofu Basin.

3Play Area

In this area, children can play with a variety of fun play area equipment.

4Tennis Courts

There are two tennis courts that can be used free of charge.

5Fudoki-no-Oka Work shop Center

Fudoki-no-Oka Work shop Center is attached to the Museum of Archaeology. It holds lectures and classes for adults and for families with elementary or junior high school students to learn crafts, including Jomon pottery.

6Choshizuka Tumulus

Choshizuka Tumulus is a keyhole-shaped Tumulus built in the former part of the Tumulus period (around the late 4th century). It has a total length of 169m and it is one of the largest of the burial mounds built in the same period in Eastern Japan.

7Maruyamazuka Tumulus

Maruyamazuka Tumulus was built in the mid Tumulus period and it is the largest round barrow in Yamanashi Prefecture.

8Uenotaira Sites

View a reconstruction of these Yayoi Burial Sites whose shapes are highlighted by the surrounding moats and replanted trees.

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